Accentuate the Positive

Yoga to the People @ St. Mark's Place

"The Adventures of Prince Achmed" by Lotte Reiniger, a cute German girl in Leia Buns who made the first animated feature film. There is a great documentary about her on the DVD called "Homage to the Inventor of the Silhouette Film," but there is some other documentary on Youtube that might be good too.

I apologize for Youtube's blatant titling, but I liked the dance and concept.


Christmas Eve

I found in an errant folder a series of drawings I made for a graphic novel. I believe the story involved a wayward college student who gets visited by 3 people: an angel, Morpheus (from the Sandman not the Matrix) and Andy Warhol. His life then changes in some dramatic way. I think it's appropriate for today.

This documentary about Girl Talk and copyright laws is the most important documentary for any artist living today.

He couldn't imagine what to say to her next. Tucker Trigg spared him the task by introducing the man who stood next to the chair. He was a tall, older man. His gray hair was combed back smartly. He had the sort of military posture seldom seen in New York. His name was Clifford Priddy, and he was well known for defending prominent people in federal criminal cases. This one had Wasp written all over him. He looked at you straight down his long, thing nose. His clothes were subdued and rich, as only these bastards knew how to do it. his shiny black shoes were oh-ho-sweetly fitted in the instep and trim in the toe. The man made Kramer feel clumsy. His own shoes were heavy brown sloggers, with soles that stuck out like rock ledges. Well, this case wasn't in federal court, where the old Ivy League network still looked out for it's own. No, they were dealing with the basic Bronx now.
- "Bonfire of the Vanities" by Tom Wolfe

Not the official video, but once you hit 2 min 44 secs this video gets great.


Straight to Hell

12 'Sexy' Ads that will give you nightmares.

Barbara Walter's 10 most interesting people of the year.

There's a good cover by Lily Allen, and of course by MIA

The best new Christmas animation on the block. Click photo for their blog.



Donnie Darko is not a movie about a scary bunny. It is a movie about Time Travel. And the 1980s. And Suburban Teens. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Patrick Swayze, Seth Rogen, and Drew Barrymore!!!


Kid Robot

James Madison... reimagined with blend layers in AE!

A video that simulates Tiger Woods’s accident has drawn attention to a new world of pseudo-journalism in Taiwan.

Bergdorf Goodman: Fantastic Mr. Fox and Scottish Ostriches!

Wanted to see more Bolshoi...


Que Sera Sera

The Bidwell House Museum Silent Auction

Glee: It finally happened, Will finds out his wife Terri has faked her pregnancy. There is a big argument about why she lied. This is the most dramatic scene in the TV series so far:
Terri: “Ever since you started [Glee Club], you just walk around like you’re better than me.”
Will: “I should be allowed to feel good about myself.”
Terri: “Who are we kidding, Will. This marriage works because you don’t feel good about yourself.”
Exit Will.

French Hip Hop + "Metropolis" film

ArtsBeat: Dungeons, Dragons and Debate: A Gay Love Scene in Gaming Stokes Discussion

The lead designer of the role-playing game, Dragon Age: Origins, talks about why a gay love scene was included in the game, and the reaction it has generated. AND there is a YouTube link included...



I walked off the 40th St Lowery 7 Train and discovered that there is a Sunnyside Drum Corps.

My parents took me to a silent auction at The Bidwell House, and I won this box set of Narnia:
Probably broke some kid's heart. Haha.

I try not to give opinions but I do have a problem with this particular story: The mysterious ecological disaster is cool, once you figure it out. I am very saddened by the loss of humanity's technological future, and don't think the farmer's existence amongst the ruins is particularly romantic. I want Toola to succeed in her quest to restore the past, and I don't understand why Agito would give up his simple girlfriend immediately for the new girl, and on top of it sell his soul to the forest for superpowers that would hurt him. The bad guys are shown venting black pollution, but they also created the beautiful nature? Maybe it's a good thing that this movie creates mixed feelings and you can't paint everything black and white.


Thanksgiving Stuffin

"Do you think I'm blaming them for talking rot? Not a bit! I like people to talk rot. It's a man's only privilege over the rest of creation. By talking rot, you eventually get to the truth. I'm a man because I talk rot. Not a single truth has ever been discovered without people first talking utter rot a hundred times or perhaps a hundred thousand times -- and it's, in a way, a highly commendable thing even. But so far as we are concerned, you see, the trouble is that we can't even talk rot in our own way. Talk rot by all means, but do it in your own way, and I'll be ready to kiss you for it."
~ Crime & Punishment

Short Short Story Film Festival

Phil Servati (my composer) Kristen Garris (friend) and me!

This was a great film "The Garbage Angels"

Old Mom's Stuffin



THE BIRTHDAY OF THE INFANTA will be screened at the Short Short Story Film Festival at THINK CAFE at 7:00pm on SATURDAY NOV 21!!!

This is my rotoscoped version of Andy Warhol's famous screen-tests, where he would sit a person in front of a camera and film them for 3 minutes. I made this about a year ago, but I finished the last 12 frames just recently.

Quarter Life Crisis Article: "He listlessly works through lunch, then goes to the bar after work to meet up with some university friends, where they talk about their jobs and make ironic jokes about other people. Back at home, he wonders why he feels so gross and empty after spending time with them, but it’s mostly better than being alone."

Facebook status cloud uploaded before the application was blocked


No place, sometime

My new Moleskin Art book.

This music video is a cross between "Tale of Tales" by Yuri Norstein and my own animation "A Cliff-side Romance."


Name Day

She found her husband in his study. He was sitting at the table lost in thought. His expression was austere, preoccupied, guilty. This was not the Pyotr Dmitrich who had been arguing at dinner and whom his guests knew, but a different man--exhausted, guilty, dissatisfied with himself, whom no one but his wife knew. He must have come to his study for cigarettes. Before him lay an open cigarette case full of cigarettes, and his hand was still in the drawer of the table. As he was taking out the cigarettes he had become absorbed in his thoughts.
Olga Mikhailovna felt sorry for him. It was as clear as day that the man was tormented and could find no peace, and was, perhaps, undergoing a struggle with himself. Olga Mikhailovna went up to the table without a word; in a desire to show her husband that she had forgotten the argument at dinner and was no longer angry with him, she shut the cigarette case and put it in his side pocket.
- "The Name Day Party" by Anton Chekhov

Video Games:

Related - for a laugh, youtube "Princess Robot Bubblegum"

Disney Magic:

I tried to compile a Top 10 list of my favorite techno songs but my brain crashed.

My sister told me that you can get DMX files from an ultrasound, which means you could put it in Maya and make a 3D print of your baby if you wanted to...


Ball & Chain

Tonight I went to see a free screening of MARY & MAX. An "A+" clay-mation if I ever saw one, remarkable for transcending the child genre entirely. Yet humorous... I will never think of the song "Que Sera Sera" the same way again. It is the story of two pen pals: one a girl in Australia, the other an old man in New York.

I recently watched "Star Trek: The Motion Picture," as part of my attempt to watch all the Star Trek movies. What a great Sci-Fi movie. Stunning visuals (for 1979) and a fascinating story and plot twists. Yay!



On Sunday, I went to the Big Apple Comic Con. Just to see what a comic-con was like. Essentially, it had a bunch of stalls selling comics, toys, t-shirts, merchandise, a section for autographs, a big Chewbacca, and the car from Back to the Future. The highlight of the event was buying The Thief and the Cobbler and a special Xmas present for my sister.

An Animation about the Doctor who discovered LSD

Then on Thursday I went to a One Plus Hub Animation networking event at the Beauty Bar, which was really cool and fun. They have manicures for $4! But the network people were really nice, there were ASIFA-East members and Women in Animation members. I ran into the coolest girl on the internet: KENDRA ELLIOT who literally makes Facebook interesting and educational for me. I also ran into some people who worked at the same places I did, so I did learn a lot and make connections.

An article about virtual reality fashion


Bacta War

Website Updates:
- new resume
- new reel
- newly posted life drawings
- reorganized old art work from before 2005

Virtual Reality:

Fashion Photography:


Movement of a Hand

Handzor from Tristian Goik on Vimeo.

Step 1: Sketch hand for fun.
Step 2: Realize that I should probably be animating.
Step 3: Experiment with what FX I can make in Flash MX only.
Step 4: Add "Happy Birthday" by Modeselektor.
Step 5: Find musician friend to develop into better music video!
Step 6: Completely redo when I get my own copy of AE!

The future of animation, from right to left: myself, George Conkin, Connie Chan, JOHN CANEMAKER (my role-model) Harry Teitelman, and Steve Neary. This is at Canemaker's screening-party of his documentary about Chuck Jones, which we all assistant-animated on.

Movie Reviews!
A good movie, animated well with the "stitch-punk" style. Best moment: when #1 sees the dead ghost of #2, which is attached to the tail of the Cobra-monster, and he experiences a Macbeth kind of moment. Worst moment: the end.

Sword in the Stone:
Cute, interesting. No plot. Nice try Disney. Didn't appreciate the rip off opening of Sleeping Beauty, but I like Archimedes the owl.

Magnetic Rose = Space + Mdm Butterfly = Sweet Goodness



ASIFA_East Open Screening
I thought it was on Sunday but it was on Tuesday which was fun because I had to run out early to an Aida dress rehearsal.
But I got there early and I was the 5th to screen and at least 2 girls chuckled at my animated jokes for "The Birthday of the Infanta" so I consider it a success. I also met PILAR NEWTON who was running around seizing the day and sporting a cool promotional t-shirt. She did "My Sister's Butt" which is very cute. Other than that I saw no one I knew, and at least SIX 1940's orphan boy newspaper caps. And I got to see the new animated music video for Moby's "Mistake"

Mistake (Animated version) from Moby on Vimeo.

He's cool.

Oh and I will be screening my movie at the Merging Arts Film Festival... more info when I know.


painting by KELLEY


Play It Cool

A Cool T-Shirt I would like to buy:

Cool Air Plants that don't grow in dirt!

A not so cool-quality camera photo of my fun at Aida

And a cool animated Opera?


Birthday Teaser

Finally, a teaser trailer for my film (which is completed) and screenshots!

The Birthday of the Infanta - Teaser from Tristian Goik on Vimeo.

Birthday of the Infanta


Brasil Brasil

Walt & El Grupo -
A wonderful documentary about the time Disney decided not to freak out about his animators' strike and instead go to South America on a (surprisingly) successful good will tour to make movies. If only I could have been one of those happy artists... My sister scooped me on the short films they made.

The Player - I <3 Robert Altman

And a fun fun party song. I think it's hilarious this video is the only way I can share it.


Con Men

The Confidence Man
A play about where we place our confidence. For Free. On a Boat. Starring my friend Nick F in the top hat. My Docent (in blue shirt) was highly pyscotic and flirtatious and stole my heart. "I dumped this guy Thaddeus, and I almost killed myself, but it's not like I wanted him dead and then kiss him and hold his hands..." I suspect her main role was to distract us from the various scenes happening on the boat. The best part I saw was the IM conversation between a tricky-girl and a love-struck boy. But after a while I ran around the boat exploring what else was going on at the same time, and saw a crazy woman channel the spirit of someone's dead lover. It reminded me of Myst III for some reason. Never have I had the opportunity to physically explore a story world.

Amazing. At the end it was rained out, and I found my friend Nick playing poker and I thought it was part of the play but then I realized we were just playing poker. Haha. Oh, and his first lines were:
*docent drops a pen, Nick picks it up for her*
Nick: "Nice Ass."
Docent: "Go fuck yourself"

WIZARDS by Ralph Bakshi
- Wizards used to be called Wizard Wars but since it was released close to Star Wars, Fox told them they sounded too similiar and Lucas convinced Bakshi to change
- Disney tried to push out Wizards with Fantasia, but it didn't matter since Star Wars exploded over all of them
- Bakshi wanted to prove he could make an intelligent and moving story for kids "that didn't talk down to them like certain Mouse- Films"

I over watered my orchid! It needs some rehab.

On GLEE they performed "Gold Digger" by Kanye. Which I love and everything, but why choose a pop song with an obviously missing swear(?) word?



My sister and I collaborated on "The People Speak" contest! Its a 30 sec animation about famous American Quotes. This is a speech on patriotism by Emma Goldman. VOTE FOR US NOW!

Watch more cool animation and creative cartoons at Aniboom

This movie I first saw at Tisch, and learned the name from someone I met on a dating website. It was fun to watch.

I had to track down this awesome Bagpipes song I heard on an Irish radio program...The Full Moon Down Under set, last track. It was like a beautiful techno song, sadly we can only hear 30 secs.


Girl and the Sea

Did that really happen?

CLONE WARS: My new favorite part of the Star Wars Saga

was awesome. An intrigueing story with cool aliens not-thrown-in-your-face. I smell a sequel! Was disappointed that the trailer footage was not actually in the movie...

And Hitler learns that the Avatar trailer sucks...



This is a Birthday Present for Brigid. She had a great Twenty-One-Derland party while I was away and I saw this photo on facebook. Bordering on the edge of stalking, I thought it was a great photo and decided to use it for art-practice. I did a life-sketch with the line tool, but decided I should push myself further and do a cartoon version from that with the brush. I now feel more confident with my Wacom Bamboo.

My Film, the Birthday of the Infanta is in the running for the 4th quarter contest at ANIMAZING. I have to update my website soon...

And now a little queerness. Thank you Disney for not suing this annoying-yet-nice men! I still hate Miley cyrus.

Now to cleanse your pallete, here is a beautiful old love song
(ignore the questionable image)



It looks pretty dope. And I trust in spectacular 3d effects.

I'm running a little off schedule with these posts. My apologies.

CZECH Animation

LEGO Animation (someone Tell dave pagano!)

And a Beach Boys remix by my fav electro artist.


Deux semaines dans le pays

I have just returned from my family's annual two week vacation in the Berkshires. A retreat from the social and technological scene, it turned out to be more relaxing and fun than originally anticipated.

Day 1
- picked up grandparents from Connecticut; derived a certain satisfaction out of seeing my grandmother annoy my mother
- discovered my orange-mint is not growing as well as hoped
- briefly crashed a wedding across the street from our house

Day 2
- watched "Do the Right Thing," was disappointed to see that it was just about a bunch of sweaty pissed off african-americans
- finished "Atlas Shrugged":
"Love is blind, they say; sex is impervious to reason and mocks the powers of all philosophers. But, infact, a man's sexual choice is the result and the sum of his fundamental convictions. Tell me what a man finds sexually attractive and I will tell you his entire philosophy of life. Show me the woman he sleeps with and I will tell you his valuation of himself."~ Franscisco d'Anconia
- visited the Freylinghuysun-Morris house and studios, which is a Bauhaus in the Berkshires with some fancy art and good design in it; in particular I liked the living room with the leather floor tiles which I've never seen before

Day 3
- went swimming at Lake Garfield, was out of breath sadly and got a little sunburnt

Day 4
- went to the Berkshire Mall, where the only clothes I bought were from Target, which tells you something about the stores
- saw "Julie & Julia" with the whole family, squirmed when Julia Child pulled out pasta from the oven and said it was "Hot as a Stiff Cock!"

Day 5
- mom went to ER to check out bug bite
- watched "In Bruges," pretty deep and funny
- discovered family history:
A. Wobojinski (Russian Bolshevik refugee) begat B. Wobojinksa, who married L. Bonkofski and begat S. Bonkofska (b. 1924) who married Marian M (b. 1924, from Julia Ejak and Piotr Matyjas)
who begat Christine M (b. 1947) who married Roman G. (b.1941) who begat TRISTIAN G. (b.1987)

Day 6
- visited the Ventfort house (name from french for 'strong wind' but anglicized) interesting Victorian styles, discovered that the town of Lenox lost a lot of youths as servants to passengers on the Titanic; had a very cool dress exhibit

- watched "The Simspons Movie" got psyched out by aspect ratio change

Day 7
- returned grandparents to Connecticut
- waded in beach @ Hamanassett, saw a pipe fish hiding in seaweed, along with a lot of other wildlife and trash

Day 8
- watched "Afro-Samurai," can't get enough
- got hooked on "Afro-Pop Worldwide" radio show, now looking for Brazilian techno

- went to Lake Fest, party at the lake which had good fireworks

Day 9
- bought Sleeping Beauty 50th Anniversary DVD and The Last Unicorn 25th Anniversary DVD (to replace my old VHS and crappy dvd respectively)
- watched "Darjeeling Limited,"

Day 10
- went to Berkshire Museum, saw lots of cute frogs
- went to Berkshire Brewery; top 3 beers: Rauch Bier (smoky), Gerry Dog Stout (creamy), and Apricot Pale Ale (sweet)
- saw "Twelfth Night" at Shakespeare & Co., raunchy! I <3 Sir Andrew!

Day 11
- watched Volver, such beautiful simple credits I could die

- also watched "Burn after reading" "the Queen" and "Faulty Towers" at various times

Day 12
- went to the Botanical Gardens, way more mosquitoes than necessary, but lots of tasty mint

Day 13
- went to the Massachusetts Museum of Contemp Art; toured the new Sol Lewitt building of which I have mixed feelings about because his stuff will be there for 25 years, and saw Project Bandaloop. Lewitt likes to do things like "connect every single architectural corner on a wall to everyother corner with chalk" or "completely and evenly fill a wall with 10-inch long not-straight lines" And project bandaloop are the people who suspend themselves and dance horizontally on the sides of buildings, breathtaking choreography.

Day 14
- had a terrible night of sleep
- drew a lot
- finished "The Letters of Madame de Sevigne"
"I went to Mlle de Louvois's wedding.  What can I tell you about it?  Magnificence, celebrities, all of France, costumes dripping with gold, jewels in profusion, braziers of flame and of flowers, a traffic jam of carriages, shouting in the street, fiery torches, carriages backing up and running over people!  All in all, a turmoil, an extravagance, questions asked--the answers unattended; empty compliments paid by people oblivious to what they are saying; cordial salutation addressed to those one does not even know, heels caught up in other people's trains!"


SYTYCDance Finale

Ah the season draws to an explosive end. Congrats to JEANINE, WINNER OF SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!

I love the Matrix music



I discovered the beauty of 3d Buildings in GoogleEarth at work today. It made me remember why I made this blog. Apparently this area is called Foley Square.