Girl and the Sea

Did that really happen?

CLONE WARS: My new favorite part of the Star Wars Saga

was awesome. An intrigueing story with cool aliens not-thrown-in-your-face. I smell a sequel! Was disappointed that the trailer footage was not actually in the movie...

And Hitler learns that the Avatar trailer sucks...



This is a Birthday Present for Brigid. She had a great Twenty-One-Derland party while I was away and I saw this photo on facebook. Bordering on the edge of stalking, I thought it was a great photo and decided to use it for art-practice. I did a life-sketch with the line tool, but decided I should push myself further and do a cartoon version from that with the brush. I now feel more confident with my Wacom Bamboo.

My Film, the Birthday of the Infanta is in the running for the 4th quarter contest at ANIMAZING. I have to update my website soon...

And now a little queerness. Thank you Disney for not suing this annoying-yet-nice men! I still hate Miley cyrus.

Now to cleanse your pallete, here is a beautiful old love song
(ignore the questionable image)



It looks pretty dope. And I trust in spectacular 3d effects.

I'm running a little off schedule with these posts. My apologies.

CZECH Animation

LEGO Animation (someone Tell dave pagano!)

And a Beach Boys remix by my fav electro artist.


Deux semaines dans le pays

I have just returned from my family's annual two week vacation in the Berkshires. A retreat from the social and technological scene, it turned out to be more relaxing and fun than originally anticipated.

Day 1
- picked up grandparents from Connecticut; derived a certain satisfaction out of seeing my grandmother annoy my mother
- discovered my orange-mint is not growing as well as hoped
- briefly crashed a wedding across the street from our house

Day 2
- watched "Do the Right Thing," was disappointed to see that it was just about a bunch of sweaty pissed off african-americans
- finished "Atlas Shrugged":
"Love is blind, they say; sex is impervious to reason and mocks the powers of all philosophers. But, infact, a man's sexual choice is the result and the sum of his fundamental convictions. Tell me what a man finds sexually attractive and I will tell you his entire philosophy of life. Show me the woman he sleeps with and I will tell you his valuation of himself."~ Franscisco d'Anconia
- visited the Freylinghuysun-Morris house and studios, which is a Bauhaus in the Berkshires with some fancy art and good design in it; in particular I liked the living room with the leather floor tiles which I've never seen before

Day 3
- went swimming at Lake Garfield, was out of breath sadly and got a little sunburnt

Day 4
- went to the Berkshire Mall, where the only clothes I bought were from Target, which tells you something about the stores
- saw "Julie & Julia" with the whole family, squirmed when Julia Child pulled out pasta from the oven and said it was "Hot as a Stiff Cock!"

Day 5
- mom went to ER to check out bug bite
- watched "In Bruges," pretty deep and funny
- discovered family history:
A. Wobojinski (Russian Bolshevik refugee) begat B. Wobojinksa, who married L. Bonkofski and begat S. Bonkofska (b. 1924) who married Marian M (b. 1924, from Julia Ejak and Piotr Matyjas)
who begat Christine M (b. 1947) who married Roman G. (b.1941) who begat TRISTIAN G. (b.1987)

Day 6
- visited the Ventfort house (name from french for 'strong wind' but anglicized) interesting Victorian styles, discovered that the town of Lenox lost a lot of youths as servants to passengers on the Titanic; had a very cool dress exhibit

- watched "The Simspons Movie" got psyched out by aspect ratio change

Day 7
- returned grandparents to Connecticut
- waded in beach @ Hamanassett, saw a pipe fish hiding in seaweed, along with a lot of other wildlife and trash

Day 8
- watched "Afro-Samurai," can't get enough
- got hooked on "Afro-Pop Worldwide" radio show, now looking for Brazilian techno

- went to Lake Fest, party at the lake which had good fireworks

Day 9
- bought Sleeping Beauty 50th Anniversary DVD and The Last Unicorn 25th Anniversary DVD (to replace my old VHS and crappy dvd respectively)
- watched "Darjeeling Limited,"

Day 10
- went to Berkshire Museum, saw lots of cute frogs
- went to Berkshire Brewery; top 3 beers: Rauch Bier (smoky), Gerry Dog Stout (creamy), and Apricot Pale Ale (sweet)
- saw "Twelfth Night" at Shakespeare & Co., raunchy! I <3 Sir Andrew!

Day 11
- watched Volver, such beautiful simple credits I could die

- also watched "Burn after reading" "the Queen" and "Faulty Towers" at various times

Day 12
- went to the Botanical Gardens, way more mosquitoes than necessary, but lots of tasty mint

Day 13
- went to the Massachusetts Museum of Contemp Art; toured the new Sol Lewitt building of which I have mixed feelings about because his stuff will be there for 25 years, and saw Project Bandaloop. Lewitt likes to do things like "connect every single architectural corner on a wall to everyother corner with chalk" or "completely and evenly fill a wall with 10-inch long not-straight lines" And project bandaloop are the people who suspend themselves and dance horizontally on the sides of buildings, breathtaking choreography.

Day 14
- had a terrible night of sleep
- drew a lot
- finished "The Letters of Madame de Sevigne"
"I went to Mlle de Louvois's wedding.  What can I tell you about it?  Magnificence, celebrities, all of France, costumes dripping with gold, jewels in profusion, braziers of flame and of flowers, a traffic jam of carriages, shouting in the street, fiery torches, carriages backing up and running over people!  All in all, a turmoil, an extravagance, questions asked--the answers unattended; empty compliments paid by people oblivious to what they are saying; cordial salutation addressed to those one does not even know, heels caught up in other people's trains!"


SYTYCDance Finale

Ah the season draws to an explosive end. Congrats to JEANINE, WINNER OF SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!

I love the Matrix music



I discovered the beauty of 3d Buildings in GoogleEarth at work today. It made me remember why I made this blog. Apparently this area is called Foley Square.