A Scanner/Mirror Lightly/Darkly

A sketch from Google inspired by The Half Blood Prince and boredom at work.

A statue from the Rose Garden at Brooklyn's Botanical Garden.


Guinea Techno

First of all, I went with my Mom and Dad to see G-Force, because my smart sister Guenever who works at In-3 helped make that movie fit for 3-D glasses. I thought the movie was pretty funny, although I do not approve of Lady Gaga songs for small children. And I don't know if I should be pleasantly surprised or ashamed that I didn't see the ending coming. You should all go see it anyway, it made 32.3 million opening weekend and it could use a bit more.


Some great exhibits at PS.1 but Warm up this year was a blast with a great techno DJ and a very chill environment.



Art Fiesta!

I attended the first night of this great film festival on Friday in Williamsburg. Last year I remember it as being very funny, crazy, and gross and I hoped for more of the same. My one true trooper friend Kelly (amazing artist) was there with me. We both decided that "Ergo" was the best film of the night. I then suffered through a crowd to get a terrible beer, and trekked to Flushing Ave to try to go to Rudebegah, but the cops shut it down just as I got there.

Later on Sunday night, I went to see another set of animations, and ran into David Levy. He taught one of my animation classes. There was some awkward waving, either he didn't recognize me or that's just how we wave. It's ok. I had the misfortune of sitting next to some rotund guy on a Blackberry who thought it would be OK to make comments after each film to no one in particular; I decided I didn't have enough energy to fight him. Anyway, this night's best-in-show was Dan Hertzfeldt's "I'm So Proud of You." Usually a creator of violent humor, this time he pulled out a poignant movie about family. The absolut best part of it was the leaf-blowing scene, which reminded me of Jacque Tati.


Poor Kupono was voted off, and Jason too. :-(


Feel Good

I Netflixed Gorillaz Phase 2: Slowboat to Hades.  It appears to have a fun adventure DVD menu, so I haven't cracked all of the videos yet, but this MTV appearance is a real gem.  I am sorry the Gorillaz have disbanded; not only was their concept ingenious, but their music and artistic style were punk ass cool.  (There is a Bananaz documentary that I saw at an Apple Store event, but the director has the attention span of a duck).  

That was some 3D stuff, but the 2D Cribs show is also pretty funny

I love the internet



Pool Parties and Lightsaber Duels

Dirty Projectors at yesterday's Pool Party

I just watched the "Within a Minute" documentary of Star Wars Ep3. They went over every aspect of a 50 second scene from the movie, from script to sound mix. Having every detail pointed out to you overwhelms the mind when you watch the clip for a second time (from a certain point of view, haha).  So many people bitch to me about how terrible this movie is, but now I know that they are just jealous because they could never make something that looked as good as these special effects.

Scene 158: Mustafar Duel
26 Shots
1185 Frames
910 Artists
70,441 Man Hours


Emmy Nominated Commercials & SYTYCD 106

Listed in my order of preference!

O Positive, Production Company
Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, Ad Agency

Hungry Man, Production Company
Ogilvy and Mather, Ad Agency

Wieden + Kennedy, Ad Agency
Psyop, Production Company

Tips • Career Builder
MJZ, Production Company

Bottled Courage • Nike
@radical media, Production Company
Wieden & Kennedy, Ad Agency

Alec In Huluwood • Hulu
Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Ad Agency

Circus • Anheuser-Busch Budweiser
DDB Chicago, Ad Agency
PYTKA, Production Company

Magazine Buyer • Anheuser-Busch Bud Light
DDB Chicago, Ad Agency
Tool of North America, Production Company




A Collection of References

I was invited to a friend of a friend's 'fancy gallery party' under the stipulation that I dress-up. So I put on my fancy pants and walked about 20 blocks to the Bo-Concept Design store on 57th btwn 2nd and 3rd. It was Bo-tastic. I had heard of art being shown in stores but this was the first time I've actually experienced it. A smattering of sharp looking people and artists, lounging on modern furniture. I had fun.

I read about 60 pages of William Faulkner's "The Sound & The Fury" and decided I dealt with enough idiots in my life. So I switched to "The Bounty Hunter Wars" which doesn't exactly require a lot of processing but at least it has Boba Fett in it.

I just watched "The Lives of Others." It seemed very real to me. Those poor Germans. The big clunky spy equipment was pretty funny, but I found the Spiegel article very moving.

Two weeks ago I accomplished something on my major life's TO DO list: beat the Elite Four with an all Eeevee Team. I raised them all from eggs and gave them special names: Death (Umbreon), Dream (Espeon), Desire (Flareon), Despair (Vaporeon), Destiny (Eevee), and Delirium (Electreon).

I will now voyage to the Berkshires to check up on my Edelweiss.

RIP Cronkite


Irish Rasta Jazz Day


The Secret of Kells is breathtaking. Every shot (at least on the website) seems to have centuries of composition carefully drafted into it, and every line seems to be sinuous and continuous across forms. I think it is a period piece animation that will prove to be better animated than Azur et Asmar (beautiful but stiff) and I will have to add another dvd to my collection.

This is a music video created by my friends Kelly and Mike at KNEEON, which is their cool little production company. The idea was to get a bunch of animators to contribute, so I made the segment with crayon, and a flying square, geometric patterns and eye about 45 seconds in.

John Brown's Body - "The Gold" (Dubmatix Runnin' Remix) from //kneeon! on Vimeo.



My Generation

Say Hello to Underachieving: A generation used to summer internships and trips to Italy faces long, hot days learning to kick back.

click here for NYTimes article

addendum - I will now be interning at The Documentary Group!



Oh boy this week's show was much more fun than last week! Everything from sexy Broadway, to alien sex, to chained up girls, to classical pas de deux!!! I had to sketch the pop jazz alien dance (the story is the invading alien woman has to find the last man on earth) for fun, but the pas de deux gets an honorable mention since I'm going to be supering in Romeo & Juliet at Lincoln Center next week.