Thanksgiving Stuffin

"Do you think I'm blaming them for talking rot? Not a bit! I like people to talk rot. It's a man's only privilege over the rest of creation. By talking rot, you eventually get to the truth. I'm a man because I talk rot. Not a single truth has ever been discovered without people first talking utter rot a hundred times or perhaps a hundred thousand times -- and it's, in a way, a highly commendable thing even. But so far as we are concerned, you see, the trouble is that we can't even talk rot in our own way. Talk rot by all means, but do it in your own way, and I'll be ready to kiss you for it."
~ Crime & Punishment

Short Short Story Film Festival

Phil Servati (my composer) Kristen Garris (friend) and me!

This was a great film "The Garbage Angels"

Old Mom's Stuffin

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