On Sunday, I went to the Big Apple Comic Con. Just to see what a comic-con was like. Essentially, it had a bunch of stalls selling comics, toys, t-shirts, merchandise, a section for autographs, a big Chewbacca, and the car from Back to the Future. The highlight of the event was buying The Thief and the Cobbler and a special Xmas present for my sister.

An Animation about the Doctor who discovered LSD

Then on Thursday I went to a One Plus Hub Animation networking event at the Beauty Bar, which was really cool and fun. They have manicures for $4! But the network people were really nice, there were ASIFA-East members and Women in Animation members. I ran into the coolest girl on the internet: KENDRA ELLIOT who literally makes Facebook interesting and educational for me. I also ran into some people who worked at the same places I did, so I did learn a lot and make connections.

An article about virtual reality fashion

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