Christmas Eve

I found in an errant folder a series of drawings I made for a graphic novel. I believe the story involved a wayward college student who gets visited by 3 people: an angel, Morpheus (from the Sandman not the Matrix) and Andy Warhol. His life then changes in some dramatic way. I think it's appropriate for today.

This documentary about Girl Talk and copyright laws is the most important documentary for any artist living today.

He couldn't imagine what to say to her next. Tucker Trigg spared him the task by introducing the man who stood next to the chair. He was a tall, older man. His gray hair was combed back smartly. He had the sort of military posture seldom seen in New York. His name was Clifford Priddy, and he was well known for defending prominent people in federal criminal cases. This one had Wasp written all over him. He looked at you straight down his long, thing nose. His clothes were subdued and rich, as only these bastards knew how to do it. his shiny black shoes were oh-ho-sweetly fitted in the instep and trim in the toe. The man made Kramer feel clumsy. His own shoes were heavy brown sloggers, with soles that stuck out like rock ledges. Well, this case wasn't in federal court, where the old Ivy League network still looked out for it's own. No, they were dealing with the basic Bronx now.
- "Bonfire of the Vanities" by Tom Wolfe

Not the official video, but once you hit 2 min 44 secs this video gets great.

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  1. you should write that graphic novel! (merry christmas!) daniel