Con Men

The Confidence Man
A play about where we place our confidence. For Free. On a Boat. Starring my friend Nick F in the top hat. My Docent (in blue shirt) was highly pyscotic and flirtatious and stole my heart. "I dumped this guy Thaddeus, and I almost killed myself, but it's not like I wanted him dead and then kiss him and hold his hands..." I suspect her main role was to distract us from the various scenes happening on the boat. The best part I saw was the IM conversation between a tricky-girl and a love-struck boy. But after a while I ran around the boat exploring what else was going on at the same time, and saw a crazy woman channel the spirit of someone's dead lover. It reminded me of Myst III for some reason. Never have I had the opportunity to physically explore a story world.

Amazing. At the end it was rained out, and I found my friend Nick playing poker and I thought it was part of the play but then I realized we were just playing poker. Haha. Oh, and his first lines were:
*docent drops a pen, Nick picks it up for her*
Nick: "Nice Ass."
Docent: "Go fuck yourself"

WIZARDS by Ralph Bakshi
- Wizards used to be called Wizard Wars but since it was released close to Star Wars, Fox told them they sounded too similiar and Lucas convinced Bakshi to change
- Disney tried to push out Wizards with Fantasia, but it didn't matter since Star Wars exploded over all of them
- Bakshi wanted to prove he could make an intelligent and moving story for kids "that didn't talk down to them like certain Mouse- Films"

I over watered my orchid! It needs some rehab.

On GLEE they performed "Gold Digger" by Kanye. Which I love and everything, but why choose a pop song with an obviously missing swear(?) word?

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