Name Day

She found her husband in his study. He was sitting at the table lost in thought. His expression was austere, preoccupied, guilty. This was not the Pyotr Dmitrich who had been arguing at dinner and whom his guests knew, but a different man--exhausted, guilty, dissatisfied with himself, whom no one but his wife knew. He must have come to his study for cigarettes. Before him lay an open cigarette case full of cigarettes, and his hand was still in the drawer of the table. As he was taking out the cigarettes he had become absorbed in his thoughts.
Olga Mikhailovna felt sorry for him. It was as clear as day that the man was tormented and could find no peace, and was, perhaps, undergoing a struggle with himself. Olga Mikhailovna went up to the table without a word; in a desire to show her husband that she had forgotten the argument at dinner and was no longer angry with him, she shut the cigarette case and put it in his side pocket.
- "The Name Day Party" by Anton Chekhov

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Related - for a laugh, youtube "Princess Robot Bubblegum"

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I tried to compile a Top 10 list of my favorite techno songs but my brain crashed.

My sister told me that you can get DMX files from an ultrasound, which means you could put it in Maya and make a 3D print of your baby if you wanted to...


Ball & Chain

Tonight I went to see a free screening of MARY & MAX. An "A+" clay-mation if I ever saw one, remarkable for transcending the child genre entirely. Yet humorous... I will never think of the song "Que Sera Sera" the same way again. It is the story of two pen pals: one a girl in Australia, the other an old man in New York.

I recently watched "Star Trek: The Motion Picture," as part of my attempt to watch all the Star Trek movies. What a great Sci-Fi movie. Stunning visuals (for 1979) and a fascinating story and plot twists. Yay!



On Sunday, I went to the Big Apple Comic Con. Just to see what a comic-con was like. Essentially, it had a bunch of stalls selling comics, toys, t-shirts, merchandise, a section for autographs, a big Chewbacca, and the car from Back to the Future. The highlight of the event was buying The Thief and the Cobbler and a special Xmas present for my sister.

An Animation about the Doctor who discovered LSD

Then on Thursday I went to a One Plus Hub Animation networking event at the Beauty Bar, which was really cool and fun. They have manicures for $4! But the network people were really nice, there were ASIFA-East members and Women in Animation members. I ran into the coolest girl on the internet: KENDRA ELLIOT who literally makes Facebook interesting and educational for me. I also ran into some people who worked at the same places I did, so I did learn a lot and make connections.

An article about virtual reality fashion


Bacta War

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- new resume
- new reel
- newly posted life drawings
- reorganized old art work from before 2005

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Movement of a Hand

Handzor from Tristian Goik on Vimeo.

Step 1: Sketch hand for fun.
Step 2: Realize that I should probably be animating.
Step 3: Experiment with what FX I can make in Flash MX only.
Step 4: Add "Happy Birthday" by Modeselektor.
Step 5: Find musician friend to develop into better music video!
Step 6: Completely redo when I get my own copy of AE!

The future of animation, from right to left: myself, George Conkin, Connie Chan, JOHN CANEMAKER (my role-model) Harry Teitelman, and Steve Neary. This is at Canemaker's screening-party of his documentary about Chuck Jones, which we all assistant-animated on.

Movie Reviews!
A good movie, animated well with the "stitch-punk" style. Best moment: when #1 sees the dead ghost of #2, which is attached to the tail of the Cobra-monster, and he experiences a Macbeth kind of moment. Worst moment: the end.

Sword in the Stone:
Cute, interesting. No plot. Nice try Disney. Didn't appreciate the rip off opening of Sleeping Beauty, but I like Archimedes the owl.

Magnetic Rose = Space + Mdm Butterfly = Sweet Goodness



ASIFA_East Open Screening
I thought it was on Sunday but it was on Tuesday which was fun because I had to run out early to an Aida dress rehearsal.
But I got there early and I was the 5th to screen and at least 2 girls chuckled at my animated jokes for "The Birthday of the Infanta" so I consider it a success. I also met PILAR NEWTON who was running around seizing the day and sporting a cool promotional t-shirt. She did "My Sister's Butt" which is very cute. Other than that I saw no one I knew, and at least SIX 1940's orphan boy newspaper caps. And I got to see the new animated music video for Moby's "Mistake"

Mistake (Animated version) from Moby on Vimeo.

He's cool.

Oh and I will be screening my movie at the Merging Arts Film Festival... more info when I know.


painting by KELLEY