A drawing of Alan Turing for Bryan Safi and Erin Gibson of "Throwing Shade"

 "Easy As Pie – When Animators Film Themselves" ASIFA Blog review of animator's reviews of "The Rise of the Guardians"



Last Friday was the "Perpetual Motion Retrospective and Reunion." It was my first time as 'official event-coordinator' for ASIFA-East. I just joined the board this summer. It is a volunteer group that organizes and promotes animation events. Everything worked out just swell, except for the fact that the panel had to dash to the sides of the screen every-time they played a clip. I would have liked to have met (pictured left to right): Tom Warburton, Mordicai Gerstein, Candy Kugel, Thomas Schlamme (lower), JJ Sedelmaier (upper), and Russell Calabrese. But I think Candy was a little preoccupied with seeing so many old friends. Everyone had a good time so I'm happy.

I'd like to thank David Rhodes, president of SVA, for co-hosting the event.  I'd like to thank Jess, Vidya, William, and all of the tech theatre people for being so helpful and patient. Thanks to the entire ASIFA board and members, Richard O'Connor, Masako, and especially Linda Beck who was too pregnant to be there. Thank you Candy for taking me as an intern a two years ago. Special Thank you shout out to Amid Amidi for sharing our event on Cartoon Brew. And of course, a special thank you to all of the Perpetual Motion studio folk who came and talked, and thank you to all their friends who can no longer be with us.

Thomson Reuters Studios Promo from Tristian Goik on Vimeo.


Down by the Bay

I took a vacation...did Jaeger shots with animators in Ottawa.
I drank ginger-vodka cocktails in the California Academy of Sciences... the baby ostriches were real and the fish watched the people
...Soaked up the sun at the San Fransisco Ferry Terminal with trick-bikers, and drank pale ale with hipsters in the Marin Headlands
Learned which F-stop to use in the de Young museum, discovered new plants, and stayed away from 'homeless' people in Buena Vista park.   On Haight St, a woman haggled for a lox-spread bagel, unsucessfully.
I waited for a trolley with angry old queens in the Castro.  My airplane stewardess had anime hair.  On the car ride from Ottawa we saw a rainbow, screamed, and pulled over.
I <3 you


The Circle Game

click for image source

stop motion film by unknown artist...at The productive anijam


Let's have a Kiki

circa 2006...how could that be so long ago?


Cracks Begin To Flow

Interactive version here New work-crackberry, and new bookmark from MoCCA festival



Expanding visual abilities by rendering animal statues in Manhattan into geometric forms.



My latest animation... my pitch for 2art4TV...


Once upon a Time

you didn't have to open an image in a new tab in order to see it properly...
Check out the documentary's cool interactive timeline at PBS!
And their website.