El Angel Exterminador

The Exterminating Angel - a great Bunuel film about 20 or so guests who go to a dinner party and develop a strong aversion to leaving one room. Chaos ensues. In the first five minutes I had already plunged myself into symbology. I could watch this film again. M Night Shamalamalan could learn a thing or two about twist endings.

Civic Center

I ain't happy, I'm feelin' glad / I got sunshine, in a bag / I'm useless, but not for long / the future is comin' on

A few weeks ago I walked to a park near my dorm and discovered the Civic Center, which is a quaint park surrounded by powerful buildings like the Tweed Courthouse. If you don't know the story of Boss Tweed and cartoonist Thomas Nast you should look it up. The whole area is like a wonderland.