Deux semaines dans le pays

I have just returned from my family's annual two week vacation in the Berkshires. A retreat from the social and technological scene, it turned out to be more relaxing and fun than originally anticipated.

Day 1
- picked up grandparents from Connecticut; derived a certain satisfaction out of seeing my grandmother annoy my mother
- discovered my orange-mint is not growing as well as hoped
- briefly crashed a wedding across the street from our house

Day 2
- watched "Do the Right Thing," was disappointed to see that it was just about a bunch of sweaty pissed off african-americans
- finished "Atlas Shrugged":
"Love is blind, they say; sex is impervious to reason and mocks the powers of all philosophers. But, infact, a man's sexual choice is the result and the sum of his fundamental convictions. Tell me what a man finds sexually attractive and I will tell you his entire philosophy of life. Show me the woman he sleeps with and I will tell you his valuation of himself."~ Franscisco d'Anconia
- visited the Freylinghuysun-Morris house and studios, which is a Bauhaus in the Berkshires with some fancy art and good design in it; in particular I liked the living room with the leather floor tiles which I've never seen before

Day 3
- went swimming at Lake Garfield, was out of breath sadly and got a little sunburnt

Day 4
- went to the Berkshire Mall, where the only clothes I bought were from Target, which tells you something about the stores
- saw "Julie & Julia" with the whole family, squirmed when Julia Child pulled out pasta from the oven and said it was "Hot as a Stiff Cock!"

Day 5
- mom went to ER to check out bug bite
- watched "In Bruges," pretty deep and funny
- discovered family history:
A. Wobojinski (Russian Bolshevik refugee) begat B. Wobojinksa, who married L. Bonkofski and begat S. Bonkofska (b. 1924) who married Marian M (b. 1924, from Julia Ejak and Piotr Matyjas)
who begat Christine M (b. 1947) who married Roman G. (b.1941) who begat TRISTIAN G. (b.1987)

Day 6
- visited the Ventfort house (name from french for 'strong wind' but anglicized) interesting Victorian styles, discovered that the town of Lenox lost a lot of youths as servants to passengers on the Titanic; had a very cool dress exhibit

- watched "The Simspons Movie" got psyched out by aspect ratio change

Day 7
- returned grandparents to Connecticut
- waded in beach @ Hamanassett, saw a pipe fish hiding in seaweed, along with a lot of other wildlife and trash

Day 8
- watched "Afro-Samurai," can't get enough
- got hooked on "Afro-Pop Worldwide" radio show, now looking for Brazilian techno

- went to Lake Fest, party at the lake which had good fireworks

Day 9
- bought Sleeping Beauty 50th Anniversary DVD and The Last Unicorn 25th Anniversary DVD (to replace my old VHS and crappy dvd respectively)
- watched "Darjeeling Limited,"

Day 10
- went to Berkshire Museum, saw lots of cute frogs
- went to Berkshire Brewery; top 3 beers: Rauch Bier (smoky), Gerry Dog Stout (creamy), and Apricot Pale Ale (sweet)
- saw "Twelfth Night" at Shakespeare & Co., raunchy! I <3 Sir Andrew!

Day 11
- watched Volver, such beautiful simple credits I could die

- also watched "Burn after reading" "the Queen" and "Faulty Towers" at various times

Day 12
- went to the Botanical Gardens, way more mosquitoes than necessary, but lots of tasty mint

Day 13
- went to the Massachusetts Museum of Contemp Art; toured the new Sol Lewitt building of which I have mixed feelings about because his stuff will be there for 25 years, and saw Project Bandaloop. Lewitt likes to do things like "connect every single architectural corner on a wall to everyother corner with chalk" or "completely and evenly fill a wall with 10-inch long not-straight lines" And project bandaloop are the people who suspend themselves and dance horizontally on the sides of buildings, breathtaking choreography.

Day 14
- had a terrible night of sleep
- drew a lot
- finished "The Letters of Madame de Sevigne"
"I went to Mlle de Louvois's wedding.  What can I tell you about it?  Magnificence, celebrities, all of France, costumes dripping with gold, jewels in profusion, braziers of flame and of flowers, a traffic jam of carriages, shouting in the street, fiery torches, carriages backing up and running over people!  All in all, a turmoil, an extravagance, questions asked--the answers unattended; empty compliments paid by people oblivious to what they are saying; cordial salutation addressed to those one does not even know, heels caught up in other people's trains!"

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