One day I decided to see what I thought was a Polish Electro Punk Festival...and instead I found UNSOUND which is exactly that, if you redefine the meanings of 'Polish' 'Electro' 'Punk' and 'Festival.' Woe is me, I could only afford to go to the free event at the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center, but I wanted to see the live music show they played during a screening of Warhol's Blow Job.

Later I got to see a screening of Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. I was sitting in the middle of a bunch of urban middle school children, who were trying hard to be gangsta but their fascination and ignorance of Greek mythology overwhelmed them. My favorite moments: 1) when Percy's mom says she met Poseidon on the Jersey Shore me and the teachers giggled (about The Situation) 2) the 5 day accidental lotus/acid trip Percy and his friends take in Vegas, with the obligatory Lady Gaga dance sequence, and 3) the oh so subtle reference to Citizen Kane (find it for yourself!). I am a sucker for anything fantastical and Manhattan based, so this would have blown my mind back in high school.
My favorite Superbowl ad...


Wonder Lab!

The Sony Public Space on Madison and 56th. Then I went to the Sony Wonder Technology Lab and programmed a robot, practiced virtual open heart surgery, and did some blend shape Maya animation. It's a really cool museum, for free, family fun, you get a ID card that you can program with your photo and voice print and you swipe it at every exhibit and everything is personalized.

Portrait Of Ludovico Capponi

I read an article in the New Yorker about the artist Bronzino at the Met, an Italian Mannerist, and they mentioned this painting "with that lad's unforgettably protruding, glad-to-see-us codpiece"

NIGHTFALL is a short story by Isaac Asimov, about a world where there is perpetual daylight, and about the possible consequences of that civilization experiencing one night for the first time.



Ok, so I was at this freelance job where I had to upload a million videos, and each one took 15 minutes. I thought it would be good to do some drawing. The first day I was looking for inspiration, and I remembered this great techno song with the lyrics "Hello Seattle / I am a manta ray" Then I saw "The Secret of Kells" and I just got really carried away. :-D

My new Mac Book Pro, with my new Adobe Production CS4, and Final Cut. And my tablet, on my new Parson's table!

On Sunday, I went to see the Dance on Camera Film Festival at the Walter Reade Theatre at Licoln Center. I read a NYTimes article about Disney and dance animation so I thought I would check it out. They showed 5 shorts: Goofy's How To Dance, The Skeleton Dance, Dance of the Hours from Fanatasia, Cock of the Walk, and maybe something else... I suggest you all look them up. Then they showed the festival submissions, and i voted for my favorite: "She" by Kathy Rose