Movement of a Hand

Handzor from Tristian Goik on Vimeo.

Step 1: Sketch hand for fun.
Step 2: Realize that I should probably be animating.
Step 3: Experiment with what FX I can make in Flash MX only.
Step 4: Add "Happy Birthday" by Modeselektor.
Step 5: Find musician friend to develop into better music video!
Step 6: Completely redo when I get my own copy of AE!

The future of animation, from right to left: myself, George Conkin, Connie Chan, JOHN CANEMAKER (my role-model) Harry Teitelman, and Steve Neary. This is at Canemaker's screening-party of his documentary about Chuck Jones, which we all assistant-animated on.

Movie Reviews!
A good movie, animated well with the "stitch-punk" style. Best moment: when #1 sees the dead ghost of #2, which is attached to the tail of the Cobra-monster, and he experiences a Macbeth kind of moment. Worst moment: the end.

Sword in the Stone:
Cute, interesting. No plot. Nice try Disney. Didn't appreciate the rip off opening of Sleeping Beauty, but I like Archimedes the owl.

Magnetic Rose = Space + Mdm Butterfly = Sweet Goodness

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