I walked off the 40th St Lowery 7 Train and discovered that there is a Sunnyside Drum Corps.

My parents took me to a silent auction at The Bidwell House, and I won this box set of Narnia:
Probably broke some kid's heart. Haha.

I try not to give opinions but I do have a problem with this particular story: The mysterious ecological disaster is cool, once you figure it out. I am very saddened by the loss of humanity's technological future, and don't think the farmer's existence amongst the ruins is particularly romantic. I want Toola to succeed in her quest to restore the past, and I don't understand why Agito would give up his simple girlfriend immediately for the new girl, and on top of it sell his soul to the forest for superpowers that would hurt him. The bad guys are shown venting black pollution, but they also created the beautiful nature? Maybe it's a good thing that this movie creates mixed feelings and you can't paint everything black and white.

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