Art Fiesta!

I attended the first night of this great film festival on Friday in Williamsburg. Last year I remember it as being very funny, crazy, and gross and I hoped for more of the same. My one true trooper friend Kelly (amazing artist) was there with me. We both decided that "Ergo" was the best film of the night. I then suffered through a crowd to get a terrible beer, and trekked to Flushing Ave to try to go to Rudebegah, but the cops shut it down just as I got there.

Later on Sunday night, I went to see another set of animations, and ran into David Levy. He taught one of my animation classes. There was some awkward waving, either he didn't recognize me or that's just how we wave. It's ok. I had the misfortune of sitting next to some rotund guy on a Blackberry who thought it would be OK to make comments after each film to no one in particular; I decided I didn't have enough energy to fight him. Anyway, this night's best-in-show was Dan Hertzfeldt's "I'm So Proud of You." Usually a creator of violent humor, this time he pulled out a poignant movie about family. The absolut best part of it was the leaf-blowing scene, which reminded me of Jacque Tati.


Poor Kupono was voted off, and Jason too. :-(

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