I saw Up! today, in magical Disney 3D. (If kids were inspired by Disney Princesses, how are they handling 3d movies today?) I actually got caught up in the movie. Great action, very exciting. Two scenes I liked: The beautiful awkward moment when the young boy talks about his father and his step mom. And a hilarious moment when the Alpha-dog talks for the first time. I was laughing really loudly, but that might have been because the Pixar short in the beginning was hilarious and put me in a good mood. Pixar should get an award solely for the credits, because they make them beautiful and interesting every time.

A great review of the movie. Google Botero:
"In time Carl and Russell, an irritant whose Botero proportions recall those of the human dirigibles in “Wall-E,” float to South America where they, the house and the movie come down to earth. Though Mr. Docter’s visual imagination shows no signs of strain here — the image of Carl stubbornly pulling his house, now tethered to his torso, could have come out of the illustrated Freud — the story grows progressively more formulaic. " - NY TIMES

And now for something completely different:

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