Francis Bacon at the Met

Q: "Why not paint a rose?"
A: "A rose is very mortal. When you see a rose, this beautiful rose that in a day or two is dying, its head is falling over and its withered. So is there a great deal of difference between a rose and my subject matter, really. I don't think there's anything horrifying about my subjects." ~ Francis Bacon

The audio tour was extremely informative, and I got to hear the artist talk himself. He loved to used this still-frame from Eisenstein's Battleship Potemkin. And I almost cried when I saw the triptychs he made after the death of his criminal lover. There is so much going on beneath these terrible corrupted surfaces.

Also, Michelangelo's first painting (at 12 years old!!!) is also a must see at the Met, while you can. I couldn't find a photo of my favorite demon, with the most hellish asshole ever. 

And I forgot/didn't know that they played classical music in the evenings in the lobby.

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