Some Arts

I went to a screening of $9.99 tonight, which is a Isreali-Australian claymation film by the cool NYU Tatia Rosenthal. It reminded me of the Dekalog, but only because it involves the community of one apartment building. Very cool, slightly creepy, slightly funny. Lots of philosophical points to dive into if you want. Sadly much too short, only about an hour long. It opens on Friday and you all should go see it, I think they are getting drinks after somewhere. Thanks to ASIFA East for making me feel like a VIP and letting me bypass a horde of movie-goers, with my cute +1.

I raided my parent's bookshelves in Massachusetts yet again and picked out some literature for summer reading (ie, to pass the time on the 7 train). I just finished "Tender is the Night" by Fitzgerald a few days ago. Wow, to be young and American and rich in the 1920's. When you achieve a certain social status, you can afford to delve into interesting psychological problems. Plus I loved each and every sentence of that book. Here is an example:
"Intermittently she caught the gist of his sentences and supplied the rest from her subconscious, as one picks up the striking of a clock in the middle with only the rhythm of the first uncounted strokes lingering in the mind."

"Fine Art" Comes to Queens
I finally had the chance to stop by 33rd St Rawson station on the 7 train, which is a stop away from where I get off. I had heard there was some art installation "raising awareness about the environment" and I was intrigued only by the possibility of there actually being art in my neighborhood. You can check out what the art was supposed to look like here but of course, my neighborhood was too ghetto for art and I believe someone slashed it. Haha, that's ok. We Queensies (?) will keep it rough thank you very much.

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