5 animators to watch out for:
- Noella Borie a French Parsons student who intelligently animates mixed media and is assisting on a feature animation

- Chris Monti a freelance concept artist who knows how to perfect a design into something he can animate well
- Kyle Cabral a USC-Jerseyite with great emotional animal animation
- Josiah Sarr, educated somewhere in middle America, and despite that made a great amalgamation of fairytales
- and Karen Ross, a Pennsylvania animatrix who has clearly defined and settled into a personal style

This analysis is based on the 2010 ASIFA East open screening.
A special shout out to David Levy, whose film "Grandpa Looked Like William Powell" is a wonderful, artistic reminder that us fellow newbie-animators have a hell of a lot left to learn from teachers like him.

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