"Melinda The Seer"
I found several drawings, comics and sketches from my 2008-early 2009 notebook, and had a couple laughs and groans as I relived memories and ideas. Some will be declassified in 20 years. This one is a character study for a hippie oracle that gives vital information to my hero in an epic crime drama. My notes say: "Seal of Solomon contains -smoke in the dorm room."

"And then came, as if to my final and irrevocable overthrow, the spirit of PERVERSENESS. Of this spirit philosophy takes no account. Yet I am not more sure that my soul lives, than I am that perverseness is one of the primitive impulses of the human heart--love of the indivisible primary faculties, or sentiments, which give direction to the character of Man. Who has not, a hundred times, found himself committing a wile or a stupid action, for no other reason than because he knows he should not."
- The black cat - Edgar Allen Poe

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