Ok, so I was at this freelance job where I had to upload a million videos, and each one took 15 minutes. I thought it would be good to do some drawing. The first day I was looking for inspiration, and I remembered this great techno song with the lyrics "Hello Seattle / I am a manta ray" Then I saw "The Secret of Kells" and I just got really carried away. :-D

My new Mac Book Pro, with my new Adobe Production CS4, and Final Cut. And my tablet, on my new Parson's table!

On Sunday, I went to see the Dance on Camera Film Festival at the Walter Reade Theatre at Licoln Center. I read a NYTimes article about Disney and dance animation so I thought I would check it out. They showed 5 shorts: Goofy's How To Dance, The Skeleton Dance, Dance of the Hours from Fanatasia, Cock of the Walk, and maybe something else... I suggest you all look them up. Then they showed the festival submissions, and i voted for my favorite: "She" by Kathy Rose

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