Down by the Bay

I took a vacation...did Jaeger shots with animators in Ottawa.
I drank ginger-vodka cocktails in the California Academy of Sciences... the baby ostriches were real and the fish watched the people
...Soaked up the sun at the San Fransisco Ferry Terminal with trick-bikers, and drank pale ale with hipsters in the Marin Headlands
Learned which F-stop to use in the de Young museum, discovered new plants, and stayed away from 'homeless' people in Buena Vista park.   On Haight St, a woman haggled for a lox-spread bagel, unsucessfully.
I waited for a trolley with angry old queens in the Castro.  My airplane stewardess had anime hair.  On the car ride from Ottawa we saw a rainbow, screamed, and pulled over.
I <3 you

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