Let's Get Fucked Up and Die

ASIFA East 2011. Who might show up at the awards:

Student Films -
"Book Girl and Cabinet Girl" by Jane Wu
"Eclipse" by Liat Koren
"Dashera" by Animesh Dwivedi

Short Sponsored Films -
"Martha's Vineyard Film Fest Bumper" by Twins are Weird
"ChileVision La Verdad" by Nola Pis / Juan Delcan

"Daffodils" by Magik Studio

Long Sponsored Films -
"Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed" by Mo Willems
"The Human Voice" by The Rauch Brothers

"The Christmas Shoes" by Brian Musikoff / John Kawamoto

Independent Films -
"Mask" by Pat Smith
"Of Frogs and Gods" by Brad Pattulo
"Calypso Agency" by Joe Andres Velasco

Educational -
"Word on the Street" by David Levy

Music Video -
"Dot Dot Dot by Around the World" by Bryan Brinkman

Experimental -
"Accumulonimbus" by Andy Kennedy

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