An Interactive 3d Photo model of the Vatican, at the official Vatican website!

Last night, I went to Midsummer Night 2oons last night at the M1-5 bar (which is either a reference to a globular cluster in the Pegasus constellation or a punk band). It was organized by 5 semi successful animators who convinced the bar that they could show their animations and drive people to buy drinks during happy hour, but could not convince them to let them use their 6 HD flat screen TVs and instead projected animations on the wall (over lamps) and had several audio issues. That being said, the idea was great, very good for them and their friends. I ran into Alyssa D, and we had a good time and The Adventures of Man Child seemed to be the favorite.

And also yesterday my dad asked me to photograph a tour he arranged of the new Cooper Union building for various architects and engineers of the School Construction Authority.

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