And now for my review of the ASIFA-East Film festival. I will restrict my opinions to one short sentence:

Top 5 Student Films:
5 -
"A Rant" by Matt Christensen A clever stream-o-consciousness piece about the struggle over making student films.
4 -
"New Soul" by Audrey Skalkowski A roughly animated but sensuous story of a tormented trapeze artist.
3 -
"Down to the Bone" by Peter Ahern A creepy hilarious story about allergies gone horribly wrong.
2 -
"The Terrible Thing of Alpha-9" by Jake Armstrong The cutest sharptoothed 6 eyed space monster ever!
1 - "Singles" by Rebecca Sugar. A hallucinatory reflection upon the self and loneliness.

Top 3 Independent Films:
Honorary Mention -
"Aesthetic Species Maps" by David Montgomery Beauty in form and color found in ordinary and exotic nature cross sections.
3 -
"The Thing in the Distance" by Elliot Cowan A primal story of two best friends dealing with the world.
2 -
"The Hybrid Union" by Hybroll Animation 3 machines. 1 cloud. The desert.
1 - "Off-Line" by Tom Gasek. A microwave's circuit board flawlessly brought to life.

Woody Award - "Batman: A Death in the Family" by RobsMedia

Top 3 Sponsored Films under 2mins:
3 -
"My Daughter Studies" by David B Levy A funny and educational short about punctuation.
2 - "Don't Miss It" by David Cowles & Jeremy Galante. A slickly polished and action packed commercial for an orchestra.

1 - "Midtown Twist" by Twinkle LLC (loses points for being unGooglable). A sketchbook of NYC brought to life.

Top 3 Sponsored Films over 2mins:
3 -
"Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus" by Weston Woods Studio You must not let the pigeon drive the bus.
2 - "One Time We Lived" by Slippery Rock Creative LLC. I <3>

1 - "ELECTRIC CAR" *CLAP CLAP* by Tiny Inventions I almost sang along to this "They Might Be Giants" song in the theatre itself.


  1. Glad you liked it...
    I'll have it on Youtube sometime soon...

  2. yaaaaaaay. maybe i'll enter your contest too